The Seasoning Triangle

Uniform spicy liquids with pepper, salt, and vinegar; Hot Peppers in Vinegar; and Seasoning Salts form the Seasoning Triangle found in Louisiana cooking. The first two products are utilized more as table condiments or as ingredients in marinades or sauces.

Seasoning Triangle

Uniform Spicy Liquids whether called "Hot Sauce" or "Pepper Sauce" are a mixture of pepper mash (various ground peppers mixed with salt and often aged prior to blending and bottling) and are known as Hot Sauce or Pepper Sauce. Spicy Hot Liquid Sauces can be pepper blends, flavored by a special ingredient, or produced from a specific pepper. Generally cayenne pepper based sauces with less fiery heat have been called "Hot Sauce" while the Hotter peppers or blends such as Tabasco or Jalapeno are often described as "Pepper Sauces."

Whether described as Hot Sauce or Pepper Sauce the best sauces such as our Original Louisiana Brand Hot Sauce or our Louisiana Gold Pepper Sauce are aged to perfection using natural fermentation and blended to produce a fully natural product without preservatives, gums, or artificial ingredients found in the cheaper product forms. A good quality sauce with handpicked, perfectly ripened peppers that are ground and blended with salt to produce pepper mash and fermented and aged under controlled storage conditions at least one year, often longer before final processing and filling into containers that range from a two ounce bottle to a six thousand gallon tanker truck. Each year millions of pounds of peppers are purchased, stored and processed into finished product. Each year the tonnage handled increases as more consumers demand the spicy flavors of our wide variety of pepper products.

The use of the term "Pepper Sauce" can be confusing as it is used interchangeably to reference both a uniform liquid product produced from hot pepper varieties, salt, and vinegar; yet also refers to whole, brined hot peppers bottled in vinegar. Recently, many processors have started to describe the whole pepper product as, "Hot Peppers in Vinegar" or by Pepper Variety such as "Tabasco Peppers in Vinegar." Generally these products are a lightly salted, spicy vinegar used to add vinegar flavor to foods; especially vegetable greens, or beans, or as a spicy ingredient in other foods.

The same terminology also describes the use of hot peppers (generally hotter - Tabasco Habanero, Serrano, or Jalapeno - than cayenne pepper) are ground and aged as "Pepper Mash." The aged mash is then blended with salt and vinegar and is often described as being hotter with a stronger vinegar-like flavor than most "hot sauce" products. A number of aficionados find the Hot Sauce product more suited to use as a food condiment while the Pepper Sauce products work best in bloody mary's. Obviously your preferred condiment is a matter of personal choice.

Cajun Seasonings are generally used during cooking to produce well-rounded balanced flavor in foods during preparation. Many folks also utilize Cajun Seasonings as a table condiment much as a substitute for salt and pepper.

    Spicy Liquids

Spicy Liquids are a mixture of salt and vinegar, and include ground, aged Cayenne or other varietal peppers. The liquid product is used as both a table and cooking condiment. An example of a spicy liquid is our ORIGINAL Louisiana Pepper Sauce.

Louisiana Hot Sauce Louisiana Gold Hot Sauce

Spicy Liquids include two sub-categories:
    1) Cayenne-based Hot Sauce such as ORIGINAL Louisiana Hot Sauce
    2) Blended Hot Pepper Sauces such as Louisiana Gold Pepper Sauce and
        Green Sauce, Produced from hotter, varietal peppers such as tabasco,
        jalapeño or habanero peppers. These are generally hotter with less salt
        and have more vinegar flavor.

    Hot Peppers in Vinegar

Louisiana Hot Peppers in Vinegar

The use of the term Pepper Sauce can be a bit confusing. Unlike Hot Sauce, whole varietal peppers are brined, aged whole and packed in vinegar. This product, is utilized either to impart a spicy hot (how hot depends on pepper chosen) vinegar flavor to foods, especially greens, beans, and spicy hot vinegars as an ingredient in many different recipes. The term pepper sauce, whether containing whole peppers in vinegar, or as a uniform liquid with a strong vinegar flavor there can be a little confusion. Generally speaking, peppers in vinegar contain less salt and more heat, leaving a vinegar after-taste. In the late 20th Century, flavored hot sauces that utilized other peppers or blended spices in combination with other blended peppers became popular. Tabasco ® brand pepper sauce falls within this category.

    Cajun Seasonings

Louisiana Season Salt

Cajun Seasonings are distinguished by a basic formulation of balanced flavors blended to impart distinct, well-rounded flavoring that never overpowers and always complements the flavor of foods. Cajun Shake is a unique all-purpose seasoning that is used in place of salt and pepper as a table condiment. It can be used in soups, sauces, meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables and in your favorite party mixes.